DICOM Server

This site contains and runs a generic DICOM server for public use. It is built using DicomObjects, and is provided for the following purposes:

Recently updated features are highlight in bold

The main features are:

The C-MOVE support is unusual, as most DICOM servers can only work if the C-MOVE destination has been preprogrammed into them, as the DICOM protocol requires the destination AE title to be translated into an IP address and port number. This server can use a predefined list (set up by the administrator), but in addition, if an AET is not in the “known” list, then and if it is the same as the requesting AET, then the server assumes that there is a listener at the originating IP address on the same port used to access the server (normally 104 or 11112). This will work for most cases, but if you need something different set up, please let me know (this will require both an addition to the database, and a firewall relaxation).

Incoming Image which fails our internal validation will be Rejected.

Full support for multiple character sets (stored internally as Unicode) is included, provided of course that the character set (0008,0005) is properly specified.

Rules/Procedure for accessing the server (a full conformance statement will be written some day!):

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Medical Connections Team