XDS Services

There are 2 XDS services running on the DICOM server:

XDS.b Rad69 Service

This service receives the incoming IHE XDS Rad 69 (RetrieveImagingDocumentSet Transaction) requests and sends back the requested DICOM Images.

Endpoint: www.dicomserver.co.uk:8020/Rad69
RepositoryUID: 1.2.826.0.1.3680043.2.120100115.1
Visit the IHE Radiology Technical Framework for more details.

XDS XDR Receiver Service

This service implements the IHE Cross-Domain Document Reliable Interchange (XDR) Profile. It receives a XDS.b Provide and Register Document Set-b (ITI-41) requests and stores the incoming documents on local disk in XDM format (according to the "IHE Distribute Document Set on Media" profile).

Endpoint: www.dicomserver.co.uk:8080/Xdr Visit the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework for more details.